Pharmaceutical Capsules
Take our pharmaceutical capsules to treat peptic ulcer disease, bacterial infections, skin diseases, eye problems and several other problems. These capsules are packed in blister-pack strips, which are then stacked in boxes.
Pharmaceutical Syrup
The range of pharmaceutical syrup is composed of syrups that are produced combining several medicines to ensure 100% effectiveness. Astha-B, Agifol and Agizyme syrups can treat cough, sore throat.
Pharmaceutical Tablets
Whether you are struggling with daily work due to pain, or have a bacterial infection or any nutritional deficiency, you must treat the condition quickly before it gets worst. Our company supplies pharmaceutical tablets that can treat a number of health issues.
Protein Powder
Buy from us antioxidants, aminoacids and chromium rich Aprovitprotein powder to boost immunity, strengthen bones and protect body from free radicals. It can be mixed in milk and serve chilled.
Softgel Capsule
Nutritional supplements available in softgel capsules supply the body essential vitamins, minerals, calcium, folic acid and ginseng. Available in blister packaging, the softgel capsules are easy to swallow with water.
Injectable Products
The injectable products in the offering are ideal for I.M. and I.V. use. These products are injected to quickly provide relief from health issues, like bacterial infection, and nutritional deficiencies.

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